How It Works –


How It Works

1. All the items in the store are available for sale. Just add to cart and checkout...
2. If You want a custom Printed item:
  • Select the perfect product, checkout and make the payment.
  • Then email your receipt and your custom design to
  • Click HERE to upload your artwork files
  • Our team of world-class artists will turn your picture into a custom piece of artwork. We'll then produce and ship our custom made t-shirt design.
3. Picking The Right Image Of Your Design
  • Our artists will create a custom piece of art based on the image file you submit with your order.
  • The best image to submit will be one that is crisp and clear that shows your design clearly.
  • It cant be an image that you "downloaded" from Google unless the design has been made available for all to use.
  • You are responsible to ensure that you have the right to reproduce that design and will not be infringing on the rights of another.
  • The best file formats to submit are PDF, png, Illustrator or Coreldraw